Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives: The Other Battle Royale Games You Can Play on Smartphones

Best PUBG Mobile Alternative Games

Players Unknown Battleground also known as PUBG is a well known and world popular as well as the fifth best selling video game on both Android and iOS. To be a very honest battle Royale games is winning fans heart. You can’t unsee the popularity of PUBG among young gamers. It has become an Addition which is now resulting in Bann appeal in several countries.

What if PUBG gets banned in your region? Or what if it is not supporting your smartphones? Don’t worry. Since this is an era of battle royale games, there are some best alternatives of PUBG Mobile you can play on your iOS and Android smartphones. We have gathered here some of them. Take a look:

Rules of Survival:

Rules of Survival

Rules of survival, developed by The NetEase Games, is yet another great battle royale game available for your Mobile devices. It is in the topmost of online Battle Royale game. With its Beta release on November 2017, it already has 150 million players registered all across the globe. However the game made its appearance on steam too on may 2018, but later it was taken down from steam because of some issues. It was later reinstated on June 2018.

About the gameplay, it is an action packed game in which all the players fight to remain alive in the game. The interesting aspect of this game is its different modes such as solo, Duo, Squad and fire stream.  The game has its servers across Asia, America, and Europe. The game is one of a kind; players won’t get disappointed with it.


Fortnite Game

Epic games are the developer and Publisher of Fortnite game. It is one of the famous games among users, especially on PS4 console. The reason is it allows their players freedom which includes fly, drive, etc or in other words freedom to play a game in your way. Other than this, gamers are allowed to collaborate to survive in games. The only flaw in the game the graphics of the game can be disturbing for young users.

CrossFire: Legends

CrossFire Legends

Tencent games are the one who published this game. The game is already crowned as a most successful game of the time with 600 million CF players all across the globe which is not an ordinary thing. The thing about this game which is different from already available games is they allow deathmatch and Mutant mode.

Knives Out:

Knives Out Game

Netease is the developer of the game. The game is on footsteps of Fortnite and PUBG mobile. The game is grabbing everybody attention because of its outstanding revenue. It has been said that this game alone has generated more money on both Android and iOS beating Epic and Tencent games. About the gameplay the game has 100 players scattered all across the game field scavenging, collecting weapons and fighting for life.

Black Survival:

Black Survival

One of the best choices if you pick this game it is a fast-paced action game. The good thing you will see more natural sights in this game like an island, forest, etc. as the name suggested you have to survive the game by staying alive in games to win it. About the gameplay in this game players are deserted on 22 different places and the only motive is to survive the game by tooth and nail

These are the games which you must try your hands on if you love Battle Royale kind of games.

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