Zanki Zero Last Beginning: How to Save Your Game

Zanki Zero Last Beginning

As you may know, another adventurous survival RPG ZankiZero: Last Beginning has been released recently on 10th April and is one of the hottest game at the moment in market. It has even received overwhelming positive reviews. The game is developed and published by Japanese company Spike Chunsoft and is available on PlayStation 4 and Steam (PC). So, if you’re a fan of RPGs then you should definitely try Zanki Zero: Last Beginning.

This is a single player game in which you’ll be taking control of the 8 protagonist who will fight for the survival and search for the meanings of their life. Each of the eight protagonists has his own story and all ended up on the same island, no one knows the reason why they are there and what is happening around them. Now, they must complete the series of different mysterious tasks in order to find the reason they are there and to get off the island.

Therefore, you will be solving puzzles, fighting your way to dungeons and exploring to help the characters get off the island.

Zanki Zero Last Beginning Save Points

Since, the game is heavy and adventurous one, you might want to save your game progress. But, unfortunately, the game doesn’t have Auto-save feature. You can only save your game at given save points; you can’t even manually save your game anytime you want.

But don’t worry, the good thing is, you can easily identify the Save points. You will see a table with a little book every time there is a save point. The book will take you through the Save menu, where you can create your save file or modify the previous save file.

To help you a little, we are telling you the first save point you will find.

The first save point will be in the garage, at the starting of the island. You can revisit the Save point when you have the control of your character. You will also get the save points on the way to dungeons. So, save your game before you get into a dungeon.

Since, there are very few save points, it becomes very necessary to identify and save your game at the given point in order to save yourself from losing your game progress.

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