Rage 2 PC Save Game [100%] Download

Rage 2 Save File

Bethesda Softworks along with Avalanche Studios and Id Software has brought back the sequel of popular First Person Shooter Rage series, named Rage 2. This time it is far better than its predecessor because of the Avalanche and Id Software combo who have masters in Open World and FPS insanity respectively.

In Rage 2, where the 80% of earth’s population is destroyed by asteroid due to which ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs roaming around the roads, you as Walker bring Rage for freedom and justice because you too were robbed and left for dead by these gangs. You get deadly weapons, rugged and wasteland-ready vehicles, and everything else around you to use to defeat your enemies.

With Rage 2 we can explore the apocalyptic fiction open world, we can go  anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything. It is a great fun to play this game, no matter what console you are playing. But if you are playing it on your PCs, we have already posted a +12 Game Trainer for Rage 2 you can download to make it even more fun.

Apart from the Trainer, here is a 100% completed Save Game for Rage 2. Download it in just one click from below and make sure to extract the file in Save game location of Rage 2 to make it work properly. For safer side, don;t forget to backup your original files before replacing it with any downloaded file.

Rage 2 Error Troubleshooting

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