Rage 2 Tips and Tricks: Guns, Vehicles, Abilities and More

Rage 2

Gamers are all excited with the release of Rage 2. It already made its footprints in gaming world even before the release with its trailer and other stuffs. Those who don’t know about the game let us introduce you. Rage 2 is basically a shooting game developed by Avalanche Studios and id software. It is a sequel so most of the users must be aware of the concept of the game.

Without wasting more time let’s jump into the tips and tricks of Rage 2. This is basically the guide which will help you in cracking the game.

The Assault Rifle

This thing needs no further introduction as it alone can cause a lot of damage and considered as the USP of game. The thing about Assault Rifle which draws user’s attention towards it is its high accuracy. The advantage of high accuracy is it will destroy your enemy and cause maximum damage. However, with the update of the assault rifle, it became more powerful. This weapon is going to be the best pick in the game.

Enemy Difficulty

The Enemy difficulty is a feature you will notice in the game. You will see any Enemy difficulty flash up when you enter the boot camp. As the name suggests it will cause difficulty to enemies. You will see a wide variety of option in it.

Crafting Materials

There is a lot of stuff available on the game. The game also allows you to craft materials too. The materials which are available in the game are grenades, ammo, and wingsticks. Just to let you know in crafting materials you can design material according to their need and space. Materials like Turret Drones, Health Infusions, Turret Infusions, etc you can make. This material will be made with the combination of the mechanical, electrical, chemical and explosive component. This option in a game is quite helpful as it opens the creative side of the gamer.

Arc Gyrocopter

About the Arc Gyrocopter it is basically a drone which is available to make mapping easy. This drone will allow you to fly, so basically in a swish of the moment you can reach anywhere in the game without putting extra effort. This is the best feature of the game and it opens the window for lot more to explore.

Perks in Rage 2

Some of the perks of the game is easy and comes handy by completing the mission. The perks here we are talking about comes when we unlock the ability of John Marshall, loose Hager and Dr kvasir. By unlocking the traits of particular you can take the game into a whole new level. Let’s discuss the merits of each one by one

  1. John Marshall:- You will get bullet bag and throwable bag with this particular. Other than this, it also boosts the speed of the character
  2. Loosum Hager:- With these you will get a wingstick lock on and wingstick redirect.
  3. Dr kvasir:- You will get feltrite drill which will help you to extract more.

Smart Rocket Launcher

This feature does justice with the name as it cause major damage. The missiles hit the target and with the update, it will become more powerful. This is one of the best features of the game.

Mutant Bash

You will observe Mutant Bash Tv in game. Here you will get the opportunity to earn cash. The cash you can earn by collecting yellow balloons. Other than this you will observe speakers which will make easy to listen to the announcement in game.


You will find this in a car or vehicles in game. Basically, the car will work as a shield with the enemy. It also allows unlocking Cruise missiles and blast abilities. Overall the Phoenix makes the experience far better.

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