Omerta City of Gangsters Save Game and Trainer

Omerta City of Gangsters

The Haemimont Games have introduced the new Omerta – City of Gangsters for windows, Mac OS X and the Xbox 360. The game takes you back to the 1920’s where you visit the Atlantic City, Atlantic County where criminal gangs rules the city. The players take the role of a character that has to fight the criminals and raid businesses and attack rivals and make its place in the Mafia world. Your main objective is to fight the men running the illegal gambling, high-strength spirits and shady machinations. The game has many controls, good graphics and displays the time during the Prohibition in the United States. To play Omerta – City of Gangsters in your PC you must meet the minimum system requirements like 2 GHz Dual Core processor, 2 GB RAM, Geforce 8800, Geforce 8800, Radeon HD 2000, Pixel Shader 3.0, 256 MB discrete RAM, widows XP and above. To play this game flawlessly it would be recommended to have a Radeon HD 5000 series, 512 MB discrete RAM and windows 7 pc.

The game is loved by many of them and they have already proceeded to various stages and realms of this game. To save the game and upgrade through it faster the save game for Omerta – City of Gangsters is now available. You can download the save game from this site and easily proceed through the game and reach higher levels more easily and fast.

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