Total War: Three Kingdoms Trainer Download

Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer

All thanks to Sega to bring us the age of heroes & legends. Yes, we are talking about the 12th installment of Total War series, named Total War: Three Kingdoms launched for PCs.  It is a turn-based strategy real-time tactics video game that never lets you get bored.

Total War: Three Kingdoms puts us in China in 190CE which is also known as era of legendary conquest. It is a time to form a new emperor but of course after going through a war. You as the player get to select from 12 legendary Warlords and can also recruit heroic characters to create a powerful force to dominate the enemies. Remember, these enemies are not just enemies but are also political, military, economical, etc

The gameplay is made very interesting with a better graphics and impressive story. You will win the siege battle only when you eliminate all the opponent generals or capture the central point of the city. Remember you will only be able to deploy up to 3 generals in the battlefield at once along with 3 in reserve.

Good news is, Total War: Three Kingdoms brings you Two Game Modes that includes a ‘Romance Mode’ and ‘Records Mode’. Both these modes have their on specialty.

Talking about Cheats and Trainer for Total War: Three Kingdoms, you can download the +8 trainer from below that brings you so much extra fun to the game. Once you activate the trainer, you get Infinite Money, Infinite Movements, God Mode, Fast Research, Fast Construction, Infinite EXP and Recover troop size with just a tap on the number keys. Download it right away and make your game more interesting.

Total War Three Kingdoms Trainer Features

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