Top 5 PUBG Tips to Improve Your Shooting Skills in the Game

PUBG Shooting Skills Tips1

No matter its been over a one and half year since PUBG landed in the market, it is still quite famous or i can say an addiction among gamers. People all across the globe are obsessed about it and why wouldn’t they be, game is offering update time to time so that users don’t lose attention at all.

For all the newbie, you have to look through all the basic guides of game and those who are playing it for a while must be aware of all the ups and downs of the game. It has been forthcome by some of the users about the difficulty in the shooting. So here we are going to give all of you some tips to improve shooting skills in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG is basically a shooting game in an open world, so shooting is the Usp of the game and one should learn to master the skills of perfect shooting.


This is the pro tip for all the gamers who are playing Pubg. Instead of wasting time go for a headshot on the enemy. This will improve your rating in the game and also there’s no chance on earth that anybody can survive the perfect headshots. The gun which is preferable for headshots is Kar98K, M24, and the AWM.


Those who had played the game for a while must know how irritating and damaging this feature can be. Recoiling in gun takes time which is the only thing which makes game much more realistic. But with proper planning, you will know how this can be helpful in the game. The recoiling of gun can be controlled by using flash hiders, compensator and suppressor muzzle attachment. With a proper way, you can easily target the enemies. Look for positive while dealing with the recoil of guns.

Hip Fire:

This is the most accurate feature of the game and causes major damage if shot wisely. It is advisable to all gamers to use Hip Fire in close combat. It is the only feature which leaves enemy hanging out to dry. But users may find difficulty in using it. So the only advice we would like to suggest you observe the pattern and practice until you mastered it.

Don’t Skip the attachments:

You will observe the attachments in the game for the gun which includes the wide variety. The attachment itself is divided into five categories Sight, Muzzle, Magazine, Foregrip, and stock. Using all of these at a crucial point definitely going to improve your performance in the game.


This is the most important element of the game. Always make yourself loaded with ammo even when you’re in no need who knows when it will come in use. The advice you need to keep in your mindset the limit of ammo for the weapon so you don’t have to worry about it.

This is all we know so far about the use of certain elements in PUBG. It will definitely create a big change in your gaming style. We would like to suggest you use these tricks in your game if you haven’t it yet.

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