6 Easy PUBG Tips And Tricks to Get Chicken Dinner on Military Base

PUBG Military Base Tip 1

PUBG is the most popular game of the time among all ages. It needs no further introduction. Since the game is so popular, Tencent keeps rolling out a new update every once in a while which brings a lot of new stuff to make it more fun, or i can say, make it more addictive. Recently they rolled out a new Military base in PUBG. In this particular article, we are going to discuss some easy and best tricks that will help you not only to survive but also get Chicken Dinner in this Military base.

PUBG Military Base Tip 2

How to Get Chicken Dinner on Military Base in PUBG Mobile:

Military Base Tip 1:

The very first thing we are going to discuss is how to make an entry in the building; which is very important from the game’s perspective. You must be wondering why this is important, its because enemies expect you to come from doors, so chances are very high of you to get killed if you make your entrance from the main door. The strategy is a must.

So our first suggestion is to make a direct landing on the top of the building and pick a safe spot. The second suggestion is, if you are planning to make an entry from the ground then use bushes to hide from the enemy. The third suggestion is to be very quick and active. Don’t stay still in the game. The final suggestion is to use window ledge for entry.

Military Base Tip 2:

Keep yourself alive in the game. Don’t involve in unnecessary trouble. This you can do by following preventive strategy. Use bushes to cover yourself whenever needed. Be cautious all the time. Laying low will help you to get chicken dinner. Keep an eye on hiding spot in case of emergency. Keep your weapon loaded.

Military Base Tip 3:

If you are a regular PUBG player, you must have used the cunning way to beat your enemy. Make them confused about your next move. Keep your conscious wide awake in game. Locate the enemy on the ground, then climb doors to attack them is the best way. This obviously required an active and cunning approach.

PUBG Military Base Tip 3

Military Base Tip 4:

If you want to exit the military base then our suggestion is to take the roof. The military base is full of vehicles you can take advantage of it too. Another thing you can do is stay hidden in bushes, this will surely keep you safe and alive in the game.

Military Base Tip 5:

The final tip is Teamwork. It requires efforts and best way to get you a chicken dinner. In military base particularly if you play in the team it will be hard for the enemy to locate or attack you. Always going in the squad should be your approach while playing in a military base.

That’s all as of now for Military base. It will surely help you. If you haven’t tried it yet please help yourself out. Let us know about your game experience.

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