PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 With Rs. 1.5 Crore Prize Announced

PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG is no doubt the hottest game of the era. It is often hard to believe if someone claims that he hasn’t heard about PUBG. It is the most addictive game that has taken over the whole gaming world. The game has enormous fan following all over the world and specially in India.

If you’re a PUBG player, then you must have played various tournaments with or without cash rewards. Well, here is great news for you.

This time the PUBG Corp and the Tencent games have announced one of the biggest open tournament with a cash price of whooping INR 1.5 Crore. It is the highest pool prize that has ever seen.

Here we are providing everything you need to know about this tournament including the registration process. So, keep reading and try your luck, you can be a millionaire!!

How to Register For the Tournament?

If you want to participate in the tournament, then you need to register for it. Visit PUBG Mobile official website and then you’re required to fill out your personal details with ID proof.

After filling the details, hit the ‘Register’ button. Then, you will receive a verification mail to the email id you’ve provided. Just click on that verification link on mail and complete the process.

After email gets verified, you will see a pop up “Activate my account”, click on it and you’re done.

About The PUBG India Tour 2019

  1. This tournament is available for all the Indian players with a PUBG Mobile account with rank higher than Platinum Tier 5 or minimum level 20.
  2. The tournament is not available for solo or duo players. You can only enter with your squad. That means, you have to select your team in order to enter the tournament.
  3. Only Mobile platforms are allowed without any emulators.
  4. You can be banned if found using third party apps for cheating.
  5. You will be disqualified if the information given by you is found to be incorrect.

PUBG Mobile Tournament Format

The tournament is available for only squads and the matches will be played across each battle royale map in various rounds. The tournament will also allow the participants to switch between first-person and third-person playing modes for fair gaming.

The tournament will be available to all Indian PUBG players. There will be four regional option and you’ve to select the one close to your region. The options are:

  • Group A: Jaipur
  • Group B: Guwahati
  • Group C: Pune
  • Group D: Vizag

After selecting the region, you will compete against the participants from the same region. Also, the tournament will consist four rounds.

PHASE 1: In-Game Qualifiers

The four member team will play 15 classic mode matches and the 10 games with best scores will be considered. The scoring will be based upon the number of kills and the finishing position.

If there occurs a tie the survival time and other factors kike accuracy will be considered. Total 500 squads will qualify the first round on Eragnel map. The duration of phase-1 will be 7 days.

Here are the dates of the Phase – 1 for every Group:

  • Group A: July 15th– July 21st
  • Group B: July 29th – August 4th
  • Group C: August 12th – August 18th
  • Group D: August 26th – September 1st

PHASE 2: Online Play-Offs

The 500 qualifier squads from the first round will play 2 rounds in this phase. The 1500 squads will be divided into 25 groups and each with 20 squads. The top three squads from each group will then play the second round. From there on, 100 squads will be divided into five groups with 20 squads each. All 5 groups will then play 3 matches and the top 4 squads from each group will qualify for the final rounds depending upon the scores. The maps will be Eragnel, Vikendi, Miramar or Sanhok.

Here are the dates for Phase – 2:

Round 1:

  • Group A: July 29th– August 5th
  • Group B: August 12th – August 19th
  • Group C: August 26th – September 2nd
  • Group D: September 9th – September 16th

Round 2:

  • Group A: August 6th– August 10th
  • Group B: August 20th – August 24th
  • Group C: September 3rd – September 7th
  • Group D: September 17th – September 21st

PHASE 3: Group Finals

Now, the top 20 squads from the previous round will play for the group finals. These 20 squads will have to play total five matches and the top four squads with highest score will go to the finals.

Maps are Eragnel, Vikendi, Miramar or Sanok. For this round, and also the squads need to travel to the pre-determined gaming venues.

Here are the dates for Phase – 3 :

  • Group A: August 25th
  • Group B: September 8th
  • Group C: September 22nd
  • Group D: October 6th

Wild Card Entries before Finale:

There will also be wildcard entries. The 16 squads from bottom of group final match will enter with bottom 16 squads from other groups. So, there will be a total of 64 squads. Now, these 64 squads will be divided into four groups with 16 squad each and will play five matches. The top scorer squad from each group will go to the finals to compete against other groups.

The wildcard matches will be held online between October 8-11th, 2019 on every map.

Phase 4: Grand Finale

Finally, the top four squad from each group and the four squads from the wildcard matches will play in the Grand Finals. These matches will be held in Kolkata on October 20 and will include every map.

As decided, the winners  from the tournament will receive a total prize pool of INR 1.5 crore which are dividedas the winning squad will receive INR 50 lakhs, the runner-up team 20 lakhs and the second runner-up will also get INR 10 lakhs.

Moreover, all the teams in the finals will also receive cash prizes for reaching the finals. The individual performance will also be considered and players will be rewarded with prizes and titles.

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