Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Tips: Dancer Guide, Quest Locations and Gunbraker

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Dancer

The Sci-fi fantasy role-playing game Final Fantasy is back with yet another hot addition to the series. The Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is here with loads of interesting features for the gamers. The game is developed and published by Square Enix.

As we already mentioned, the FFXIV brought many new features to the game including new jobs and quests. In this article, we are providing everything about the location of quest and new jobs. So, keep reading further.

Well, talking about the Dancer and the Gunbreaker, you need to be at level 60 before jumping on to the jobs. Moreover, the FFXIV Shadowbringer has incorporated some changes with the 5.0 update including removal of TP, higher level cap and charge action. You will also see a brand new dungeon DohnMheg.

Dancer Quest Location and Fighting Guide

The Dancer quest is called “shall We Dance” and it is located in LimsaLominsa Lower Decks which are found near the main plaza Aetheryte with coordinates X: 9.8, Y: 12.0. At the starting, you will be provided a starting weapon and a chest which will contain your new gear.

Since, Dancer heavily depends upontheir chances of attacks, you have to use them when you can. The basic Dancer attacks are the Cascade and Fountain and both of these have 50% chance of upbringing Reverse Cascade and Fountainfall, which are even more powerful. After that, you will have a 50% chance of building a Fourfold feather gauge by which you can unlock Fan Dance moves. You can use these attacks outside the cool down. The other attacks like Windmill and Bladeshower are equivalent to AOE which are capable of opening Rising Windmill and Bloodshower.

At level 60 Job quest, you will get the main challenge which is the final fight. At this stage, you need to be alert for the Whirlwinds and should avoid them especially when the enemy is casting an auto-lock column attack that you can not avoid. If you get attacked while standing in a whirlwind, you will die. So, you need to be very careful.

Gunbreaker Quest Location and Fighting Guide

About the Gunbreaker quest location, it is called as “The Makings Of A Gunbreaker”. You can find it at New Gridanianearer to Aetheryt. The coordinates are X: 11.5,Y: 11.9. You will get around Hawthorne Hut for fight, after that you’ll get your weapon and gear chest.

The Gunbreaker is specialised in pulling enmity and pull more enmity, you should have the ability Royal Guard active. You can use it wheneveryou’re in trouble.

Gunbreaker’s attack rotation goes : Keen Edge, Brutal Shell, Solid Barrel, then youwill get one cartridge in your Powder Gauge and by using which you will have the more powerful combo like Gnashing Fang, Savage Claw, Wicked Talon. All these four combos can be used outside the cooldown. In the cooldown, you can use powerful strong standalone attack Burst Strike.

Moreover, you can use Buffs like Rampart, Nebula and Reprisal to help out stave off damage taken and also No Mercy can boosts your attack power for a short period of time.

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