AirBuccaneers HD Demo Game

AirBuccaneers HD

AirBuccaneers is super action game published and developed by LudoCraft which welcomes you to the ancient North, once the crib of culture and calm, but is now tainted by magic and occupied by nasty outlaws sowing obliteration in airships. Choose to be a nasty Buccaneer or a notorious Viking and take a glider to the skies. Your objective is to drop opponent vessels and secure supremacy of the ancient North. You will be provided to play in team and co-ordinate with team to have success in the battle. Games also provide you with multiplayer FPS for fans of co-op action and you can choose the different weapons like rockets, cannons, gunpowder grenades, blockers and swords.

If you need to have save game file for this game then you can just click to the link provided below, which is especially for the save game file download. All you have to do is click to the link and you will be redirected to site and your save game file will be downloaded in couple of minutes depending upon the internet speed.

Download AirBuccaneers HD Demo Game

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