Rift: Storm Legion Save Game

Rift Storm Legion

Rift: Storm Legion is persistent online RPG game and is developed and published by Trion Woods. Crucia collects her Storm Legion in the long-lost crib of civilization. Live the heroic stories that disclose the true power in Telara and the gateway to the planes. Adventure through this eldritch scenery, fight your way to the planes themselves, and surmount the dragons of Air and Death. This extension to the fantasy MMORPG Rift provides a vast new world to discover, with two vast new continents that more than triple the size of the present world. Game is full of new mysteries, artifacts and collectibles, attainments, mounts, pets, titles, and much more.

Save game file download all you can do is just click to the link, which is provided below and get the save game file in couple of minutes. Save game file will help you with saving your game at any level and you can just resume this game from the point you stopped.

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