‘Playboy’ Model Kindly Myers Drives Her Fans Crazy With A Hot Bikini Pic

The Playboy model Kindly Myers made her fans happy this weekend with a new photo that showed off her gorgeous curves. The hot blonde wore a bikini from Bitsy’s Bikinis while she posed for photographer Joe Damaso.

In the snap, she wore a scandalous blue two-piece swimsuit with pale yellow accents that did not leave a lot to the imagination.

The triangular-cut halter top somehow managed to hold Kindly’s huge bosom.

Fans were given an amazing view of her substantial chest, as well as her cleavage. Myers’ bottoms rode quite low on her hips. Even her pelvic region was visible because of the low-rise material.


The hottie accessorized her look by adding a silver necklace and a matching piercing on her belly button.

Myers left her beautiful golden mane loose. She parted her lips just a bit, and she gazed into the camera with a sultry face-expression. The model leaned against the trunk of a palm tree. She positioned her hands carefully since she used one to rake through her blond tresses, and she used the other to tease a stray strand that she played with.

When it comes to makeup, Kindly chose pink lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and also bronzer.

Myers did not say where the photo was taken, but it seems to be inside of a photo studio with a beach backdrop, but it could also be possible that it was taken on location.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

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