Byron Allen Net Worth 2024

Byron Allen became a media-mogul and has an admiring career. He is the founder of a television production firm named “Entertainment studios,” and besides his private business, he is a comedian as well. He is a multitalented, hard-working person who gained a massive fortune. Follow the article and find out more about his education, career, and current lifestyle.

Early Life

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The birthdate of Byron Allen Folks was on the 22nd of April 1961 in Detroit, Michigan. He was born to Carolyn Folks, and he grew up in Los Angeles, California. Byron was very active as a child, and he showed interest in entertainment from an early age. He was studying at Los Angeles High School and later Los Angeles’s Fairfax High School. His mother was working in NBC television studio, so he was often around exploring.


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Since his teenage days, a famous businessman was very active in building his career. His first appearance on TV screens was when he was 18 in “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” Afterword, he got an offer from producers of NBC Real People to become the co-host of this show. He gladly accepted this lucrative offer.

1992 was the year when he started the program “Kickin’ It With Byron Allen.” Following year, he created a company under the name “Entertainment Studios.” Soon, the first television series got produced “Entertainers with Byron Allen.” This company rapidly grew and became one of the leading production companies. Today, it is the largest standing-alone producing firm.

This firm expanded services started selling commercials, distributing numerous series, and this is how it created the way to become number one in the global level producing market. This talented man carried on with his sitcom shows called “Mr. Box Office” and “The First Family.” He was a producer of various TV programs such as “The Young Icons,” “Career Day,” “Recipe TV,” “Pets.TV”, “Comedy TV” and many others. In 2009, he began six high definition TV webs called MyDestination TV, ES TV, Cars TV, Comedy TV, and Pets TV.

All of these channels are getting broadcasted 24 /7 in HD resolution. TV star got a lot of nominations throughout his career. However, he was the winner of the Daytime Emmy Award for Cars Tv in the category of Outstanding Lifestyle Program. Being this dedicated to his work, he became one of the most significant TV producers worldwide.

Personal Life

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Famous comedian crowned his love with marriage in 2007, to Jennifer Lucas. She is an actress, and she has been significant support for family business all these years. The happy couple has three children, and their names are Lucas, Chloe Ava, and Olivia Rose.

Byron Allen Net Worth 2024

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As of 2024, Byron Allen has an estimated net worth of more than $400 million. The imposing number of his fortune is coming from his company “Entertainment Studios,” as it successfully works for many years. In 2018 media-mogul became the owner of incredibly beautiful property on the oceanfront of Maui Estate. This villa is worth $22.8 million.

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