Rising Storm Save Game

Rising Storm

Rising Storm the new video game developed by Tripwire Interactive is a first person shooter game. Recently many shooter games were launched and rising storm is one of the best games with some of the best graphics, music’s and game play. The game has most of the features of the Red Orchestra 2. You would see the bullet drop and iron sights features of the Red Orchestra 2 in this game too. However the games see some of the best innovative weapons. There are American and Japanese troops with there own characteristics and enjoy the game fighting, placing grenades, using the flamethrower and a lot more. You can select from four different sections of the game that is the US Marine Corps, US army, Imperial Japanese army and the naval landing force.

The game is right now available and can be purchased from the site of rising storm. You can now download the save game file from link which is provided below. Save game file will help you in saving your progress and it will also help you in resuming game from the level you have last stopped.

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