Gigabyte P2742G Windows 8 Gaming Laptop Review

Hardware and Performance:

As Gigabyte has introduced its latest gaming laptop we need to look what exactly lies under the hoods of this laptop. P2742G is racing on Intel i7-3630QM processor clocked at 2.4 GHz and that is said to be the real power and this series of processor is well-known for delivering heavy performance. Along with Intel i7 processor it has backing resource of 8GB memory with expandable up to 24GB as this laptop is provided with 3-memory slots.

To store your data Gigabyte has installed 1TB traditional HDD and 128GB mSATA solid state drive. As P2742G is said to be the gaming laptop its graphics is handled by GTX 660m 2GB Nvidia mobile graphics processor which has potential to handle all your gaming complexities. GPU helps to enjoy your gaming at full HD 1080p or 720p depending upon the games availability. Games introduced in recent time consume lots of space and to fill those gaps P2742G is given with traditional HDD and solid state drive. Hardware of the gaming laptop is given a futuristic design because if there is any update in hardware in future you can easily upgrade your machine according to the need.

Software and UI:

P2742G is running on Windows 8 OS but delivers best performance with less or no performance flaws. P2742G has Windows 8 OS but it is not touch operating machine, if machine is running on Windows 8 it should have touch display to enhance the performance of the machine. Hardware of the laptop is so well configured that it handles all multi-tasking or multi-processing task quite efficiently with Windows 8 OS. Even games and other task are smoothly processed on this gaming machine. We can conclude that P2742G is good configured gaming laptop running on Windows 8 OS.


Battery of the device is powered with 8-cell battery which is capable to provide you with more than four hours of battery backup. Four hours of battery performance was reviewed under video and browsing rundown test. We can say that gaming laptop by Gigabyte is good gaming laptop with good battery backup.


The Gigabyte P2742G is really good laptop stuffed with powerful hardware making gamers go crazy with this machine. Design of the hardware is well organized and allows the users to upgrade the hardware if necessary in near future. Gigabyte P2742G is perfect for present as well as in for future date, good design, good features and amazing battery life is key features of this machine. Good storage capacity is one of the best features in this machine.

Gigabyte P2742G is running on Windows 8 OS but we can install lower version of Windows but it creates problem so better we operate on provided OS which works quite efficiently on this machine. Gamers are going to become die-hard fan of this device because this machine deserves to be the best. Price of the machine is also very humorous it is priced near about $1200 but if you are opting for such gaming device you will have to shell out minimum this much bugs.

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