UnoTelly UnoDNS Review – Unlock your favorite online shows Anywhere


UnoTelly is an amazing DNS and VPN service at affordable cost. The service that it is offering is amazing and very useful. It is an ideal solution for those who are still wasting a lot of money on IPTV. With your existing high speed internet connection there are lot of things you can see directly on your computer screen. It is a kind of ideal companion for your table and laptops also. If you travel place to place and would love to explore the local channels of that region then UnoTelly can help you there. Even if you don’t travel but still love to enjoy a lot of international content then UnoTelly have many things to give.

The services offer you two plans which are Gold and Premium. Both cost around less than $10. If you want a budget plan then the Premium can be the best for you where you are paying $4.95 every month. And for Gold which include UnoVPN you have to pay $9.95. UnoTelly is a simple to use DNS service with a very broad network. They have ample of servers around the globe due to which a low buffering streaming is possible.

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