Batman: Arkham City PC Save Game

Batman Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is action adventure game where your favorite superhero is on a mission to defeat bad guys. With many enemies and boss  fight you will be able to land on number of troubles.  Download Batman: Arkham City PC Save Game and enjoy all unlocked levels and power. The zip file has a attached .sgd file. You have to copy the game to the Save Data folder which you can later on load from the profile. The location to copy the file is :

C: Users/username/Documents/Batman Arkham City/SaveData/e000003f00000001/

You will have to copy paste the file in User Folder. The Username folder is the account name. If you are logged in as Administrator, then it must be C:Users/Administrator. The easiest way to put the save game file is by searching for Batman Arkham City folder.

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  1. I have gevey sim as well, and updated 4s to iOS 6, can someone help me with solution please??

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