Total War: Rome 2 Troubleshooting Guide: Fix Crashing, Lagging, Installation error, Poor FPS, Multiplayer issues, and other Game Errors

Total War Rome 2 Troubleshooting Guide

Total WAR Rome II adds a mist of blended of post era which remains still untouched and unexplored. The game is based on strategy and skills which might test your patience to full extent. The game allows you to get in touch with different cultures and explore more possibilities. This time compare to the older one the new one is more better and has better campaign. The game is usually based on the era that starts from 272BC. In those days it is far more important to take the right decision instead of relying on material progress. Being a war game you are indulge in a competitive battle face to face with your enemy without advance technology. The game is developed on Warscape Engine.

This adds stunning graphics and makes the game much better this time. New camera configuration allows you to check out the battlefield through various ways. And the AI is well programmed to give you touch competition. This game has a more realistic approach this time. The entire gameplay is unique this time. You can build up your entire battalion deploy them in unit and carry on set of different attacks.

Now it is common that many games face a bit problem in certain system. This guide will help you to deal with that issue and get a more stable performance. I had gone through a various trouble while playing and so I am making this guide which can help others to gain more stable output. There are various things which might occur to an end user and can confuse him what to do next. So here I am talking all the aspects and moving ahead with a new discussion on fixing issues of Total War II.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista 32bit
  • CPU: 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor or greater
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: 1024 MB DirectX 11 compatible graphics card.
  • DirectX: DirectX 11
  • HDD Space: 10 GB

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista
  • CPU: 2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor / 2.6 GHz Intel Single Core processor
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: 512 MB Direct 9.0c compatible card (shader model 3,vertex texture fetch support)
  • DirectX: DirectX 11
  • HDD Space: 10 GB

It is necessary that to play the game your system must have minimum requirements. Or else the performance will be affected. It will not give you proper output and can be laggy. To get flawless performance is far better to go with the higher one. The entire troubleshooting guide is made on the minimum system requirement.

Things to do before Installing the game:

  • All redistributable content will go in CommonRedist folder. This lies in the game folder. So if there is any issue associated with in game content then checkout the folder.
  • Update the Direct X Version before moving ahead. You can find the existing version by typing dxdiag in the Start > Run box.
  • Go for a graphic driver update. This is very important. Most of the crashing and black screen issue only occurs due to damage drivers. So update that and check again.
  • Update your Windows also. Go in Automatic Update and checkout that all new updates are installing. This is very important for your systems stability.
  • Check properly that your system must have Nvidia Physx. This adds more to the game environment. If it is not visible the graphic output is poor.
  • Install .Net Framework 4.0 in your system. It is necessary to run the game.
  • The last thing you have to do is install Visual C++ 2005, 2008 & 2010
  • At the time of setup better turn off the antivirus and any additional background applications.

Total WAR Rome II Unable to Install:

The most common issue lies with the installation process. Now sometime the setup does not goes well. It might be installed but when you trying to play or when the setup is running it getting crashed in between. The issue can occur on low or high end pc both. There are few things below which you can test.

  • The first thing to test out is the antivirus thing. A number of time security applications cause the blockage. They do not allow you installation. So you can simply turn that off for something a then run the setup once again.
  • The most common antivirus causing this problem is Norton Security. I had faced a huge amount of setup issue with this antivirus only. It might block the installation. Because a number of time the antivirus count the setup file as a virus. So just disable it for some while and then run the setup again.
  • Now if the security application is not the issue then the problem lies with the game DVD. Check that it is not faulty. A number of times faulty disc is delivered that affect the setup process. So you can try cleaning the CD/DVD with a clean cloth and then run the setup back again.
  • Those who are trying to run the game setup through ISO file is required to check the file integrity. ISO file is usually offered when you download the game. So if that is corrupted or damage then the setup will not move ahead.

Note: An important thing to check is to completely wipe out the old installation files whenever you are planning to re-install the game. First remove it through Add/Remove and then go to C drive and in that look for Program Files. Wipe out the game folder from that place and also check inside My Documents.

Total WAR Rome II Save Game Problem:

Ample of time when you try to save a game your game might crash or will not save at all. And sometime when you try to play back from the last checkpoint then you will face error. This issue lies with the save game here. To fix that you will need to first locate the game location and then checkout that the game folder has the proper permission or not. Lack of proper permission gives you problem while saving the games on your system hard drive. To check it follows the below steps:

  • Right click on the Game Icon and click on Properties. Then click on Find Target. This is the first way to locate the game folder. But if you know the location then you can directly go in that. By default the game setup goes in Program Files.
  • Right click on the Game Folder and click on Properties.
  • Click on General and from this remove the tick from Hidden Files and Read only.
  • Click on Security Tab now. In that click on user name and check the permission box below. It is necessary that the user you had selected must have full control. Just check all the tick.
  • From the same place you can also add a user. Add everyone and assign full rights to it.
  • Now go to My Documents and locate the game folder. Follow the same procedure above and configure the permissions.

Note: File Permission is necessary for the game to write and modify files on the system hard drive. Ample of time the security application cause problem. It does not give a full access to the folder due to which the game cannot save or modify new files.

Cannot Update Total WAR Rome II:

This is a serious issue. At a regular time interval the game development company releases new updates and patches. This makes the game performance more stable. But sometime when you try to run an update you will face error. The update or patch will not work. For that checkout the below things:

  • Disable your Antivirus for some time. And then run the update back again.
  • Check that the partition where game is installed has enough space left. If there is no space the new files cannot be saved.
  • Check that the downloaded files are proper. They are not damage or corrupted.
  • If nothing works then the last thing to do is to raise a ticket or complain at the official forums.

Unable to play multiplayer on Total WAR Rome II:

Multiplayer issues can be due to different reasons. The first lies with firewall. To keep your network secure security application blocks all the ports and does not allow any incoming or outgoing traffic. Due to which you are unable to start a multiplayer campaign. There are few set of workouts you can follow before if you are having a problem with multiplayer gaming.

  • Add Total War Rome II under the expectation list of Firewall. If you are using Windows Firewall then go in Control Panel and search for Firewall. Double click on it and go to Exception section. On add the game under the exception list so that the firewall does not block it. If you are using an antivirus then checkout the settings panel.
  • While playing the game you can for sometime disable the antivirus or firewall. Later on you can turn it on back. Many antiviruses come with schedule disable options. That means you can turn it for some time.

Unable to play online game of Total WAR Rome II:

Total War Rome II is a quiet popular game. So while playing online you might sometime face issue with connectivity. Most of the time it is due to overloaded server. So just wait back for your turns. While other troubleshooting things are listed below which you can test out.

  • Port Forwarding can help you to resolve issue on online and multiplayer mode. Due to security reason, different security application and settings disable all the ports. But you can manually forward it and assign a specific port to the game so that it can establish the connection.
  • Default TCP Ports Used by Total War Rome II: 3783, 6500, 6515, 6667, 13139, 18321, 27750, 27900, 28900, 29900 and 29901
  • Default UDP Ports Used by Total War Rome II: 6515, 8871, 13139, 18321, 27750 and 27900

Unable to install Steam to play Total WAR Rome II:

This is for those who are trying to install the steam version of Total War Rome II and facing problem with the setup. Steam allows you to play game online and get various new updates on it directly. Now you can face issue while setup but that can be fixed.

  • Double click on Steam and go in the My Game section.
  • In that look for Total War Rome II. Right click on that and choose Delete Local Content. This will wipe out pending content on your hard drive.
  • Turn Off steam and then go in the game DVD.
  • In that look for Steam.exe. You will need to enter your steam id to move ahead.
  • Later on provide the game setup location.


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