Captain Morgane And The Golden Turtle Save Game

Captain Morgane And The Golden Turtle

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turle is adventurous game which is published by Reef Entertainment and developed by Wizarbox. Game is all about the fun and adventure of girl named Morgane Castillo who is born with the blood filled with full adventure. Morgane Castillo the main character is daughter of Caribbean pirates so she continues his father profession and becomes first lady Captain of Caribbean.

You will have to help Morgane to search the treasure of Golden Turtle with help of puzzles and hints introduced in the game. Puzzles and riddles which is provided in this game makes this game more thriller and adventurous. Game will come along through very beautiful places and islands to solve the mystery and to unlock the treasure and all you have to do is keep Morgane safe from the enemies, which is quite obvious as Morgane is pirates.

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