Inversion Save Game


This game is developed by Saber Interactive and published by Namco Bandai and this game is based on third-person shooter and game is very interesting as the story line of this game is really superb. City is visited by an enemy named Lutadore and this enemy is stuffed with sci-fi weapons and unlimited power within. Lutadore has some futuristic gravity controlling weapon which can reverse the gravity of the place. The entire city is under threat and facing the problem of zero gravity and with vector change, which is making the lifestyle and living condition of people impossible.

You will be playing the character of Davis, who is 28 years hot-head cop and the journey of this game starts from the search for the child of Davis Russel who has to go through the gravity twisted streets to find his child. Graphics of this game is really incredible as game progress you will find very strange places as most of the places are effected with zero gravity. There are many weapons introduced which helps player to manipulate the effect of gravity.

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