Devil May Cry 5 Most Powerful Secret Weapon: Get Dual Kalina Ann Rocket Launchers

DMC 5 Dual Kalina Ann Rocket Launchers

As you already know, Devil May Cry 5 is launched and this episode comes with powerful weapons and skills. Our legendary hero Dante himself has an amazing collection of most powerful weapons including his favorite motorcycle sword, twin handguns, Rebellion and his demonic hat.

BUT, there is another hidden weapon which is very powerful.

The weapon we are talking about is the Dual Kalina Ann Rocket Launcher. This Rocket Launcher has been made for the bounty hunter lady herself. She lost it during the battle. Okay…. don’t blame her for losing it, instead, make some efforts in finding the secret Kalina Ann and we will tell you how?

So, there are two rocket launchers in the game, both are at different levels. When both of these are combined, the most powerful weapon is created i.e. Dual Kalina Ann Rocket Launcher. However, combining these two is not easy as it sounds and the Kalina Ann 2 can be easily missed if you don’t put enough stress in searching for it.

Well, here is the guide to find the Secret Kalina Ann:

  1. You will find the secret Kalina Ann during mission 11, where you will play as Dante. As you play, you will come across a broken building with demonic sites.
  2. Enter the building and go on the checkerboard floor. You will then see some red plant -like structures, shoot them down. You need to shoot all of them.
  3. The building will collapse a little and you will see a way to move, as soon as you shoot those red things.
  4. Now, go upstairs and enter the collapsed room and you will see another room with some light.
  5. Go to that room through the window and you will find the crystal Orb hanging in that room and the secret launcher Kalina Ann 2 will be somewhere on the floor, shown by a pop up having “????” mark
  6. You will find another Kalina Ann at mission 18, where you will be automatically given it. It is quite easy.
  7. When these two are combined, the most powerful weapon will be developed which is able to destroy the surroundings, shoot more rockets and also super laser beams to destroy enemies.
  8. If you find this before another Kalina Ann, you can use it as a normal launcher.

As soon as you get both the Kalina Ann rocket launchers, they will automatically be equipped as Dual-kalina Ann Rocket Launcher, and become the best and most powerful weapon of Devil May Cry 5. However, you can use them separately as well but I’m sure you won’t do that.

Though, it takes some efforts to get the Dual Kalina Ann Rocket Launcher, but it is totally worth the effort once you find it. It will gradually help you in improving your style and hence, improving your ratings as well.

Hope this article helps you in finding the most powerful weapon of DmC5. Also, don’t forget to check out other detailed guide to master Devil May Cry 5.

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