Devil May Cry 5 Save File: How to Save it Manually

DMC 5 Save File

Devil May Cry 5 is the hottest action-adventurous, animated video game released by Capcom recently. It is the fifth release of Devil May Cry animated video game series. Also, players haven’t faced any bugs till now, except the one, Error 6828. However, some gamers have problem with the Auto Save feature of the game.

Are you worried about losing your progress in Devil May Cry 5? Don’t worry. In this article, we will provide you the complete guide to save your game without losing any minute of your game progress.

Just like we do with all other video games, in DMC 5 also you will always need to save your game in order to prevent yourself from losing your progress if you get killed or due any other reason like system failure. For the same purpose, you will need to have a ‘save game file’.

However, DMC 5 comes with Auto save feature. This auto-save feature will save you from losing your game progress. You can play without having to worry about losing your progress in case you die or system gets crashed.

Devil May Cry 5 ‘Auto-save ‘ feature:

You will notice a “V” at the bottom right corner, whenever your game gets saved automatically i.e “auto-save”. You must know that never turn off your console until you see this V icon on your screen. Or else your Save Game file can get corrupted and you may end up losing your game progress.

However, if you want to know about saving the game manually, then you need to know that there is no way for doing it. Though you will not get any option to manually save your game, but the ‘auto-save’ feature itself is so amazing and it will do the job.

This ‘auto-save” feature is so good that you may never feel the need for saving your game manually.

Just in case you lose your progress for any reason, All you need to do is download the Save Game File and extract it at the proper save location. Once you download the Save Game file, you will not have to worry about pausing in between and saving your progress, it will be saved automatically.

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