Devil May Cry 5: 7 Simple Tricks to Improve your Ranking and Combo

DMC 5 Red Queen Mastering

Devil May Cry 5 is now a days rocking all gaming consoles including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4. It is the fifth installment of the hack and slash action-adventurous “Devil May Cry” game series by Capcom. It brings us three juggling playable charters including the main character Dante, DmC 4’s Nero and a new character Vergil or “V”.

In this article we have compile 7 best tips and tricks which will not only improve your game and but also let you get SSS ranking easily. Keep reading.

Devil May Cry 5 Tips and Tricks for SSS Ranking

1. Visit the ‘Void’:

Void is the training ground in which you can visit and practice your moves. If you want to get better in the game and get higher ratings, you need to practice as much as you can. For this purpose, Void is very helpful and you should visit very often. In void, practice each of your moves and weapons in different ways and styles.

You can also practice combats with powerful monsters and can find out the ways to kill them.

2. Play On Human Difficulty Mode:

Human difficulty is the ‘easy’ mode of the Devil May Cry 5 game.

We know that, you want to play on higher difficulty but by playing on higher difficulty, you may not understand the concept of game and will not have a grip. So, if you are a beginner, play at human difficulty in order to understand and learn the game better. Moreover, you will also learn to collect and use the red orbs to purchase skills and moves.

You can surely jump to higher difficulty when you get better with the game.

3. Spend Your Red Orbs Wisely:

You will find a lot of items and skills to purchase in Devil May Cry 5. But as a beginner, purchasing all unnecessary expensive items is not a good idea. Note that, you will be provided the necessary items and skills in the coming stages. Therefore, always use your red orbs wisely to buy the right skills. Saving your red orbs will result in Additional purse boost which will increase your red orbs.

4. Find Secrets Written On The Wall:

There are total 12 secret missions in the Devil May Cry 5. You can find these secrets on the wall. Each secret mission is coded in some distinct pattern on the wall which needs to be aligned. When you encounter one, you will see a purple/pink coloured pyre below your feet. Stand on the pyre, and try to align the secret image on the wall.

5. Customize Your Own Controls:

If you are facing problems with the default controls of the game, then, you don’t need to put stress on your hands. In DmC5, you are free to customize the controls on your own. You can assign any button to function anything you like, based on your comfort as well as logic.

6. Get Higher Ranks By Using ‘Taunts’:

Making use of a few taunts including both aerial and grounded taunt will help you to get higher combo rankings in the game.

You can always taunt opponents while attacking with Dante’s when they struggle to break free of the spinning swords. You can also use Nero’s Streak attack on an enemy for the same effect. You can also use taunts when you are in air.

Moreover, in order to be stylish, you can also taunt the opponents while they spawn between the waves.

7. Re-play The Previous Games:

Devil May Cry 5 allows you to play the previous game. As we mentioned already, that you need to practice as much as you can in order to improve your game, your ratings and rankings.

Playing the previous games again and again will help you in understanding the moves and you will learn to use your powers and weapon in a better way.

You will also learn the things you may have missed while playing it.

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