Devil May Cry 5: Here’s How to Beat Urizen and Unlock Secret Ending

DMC 5 Urizen Fight

Devil May Cry 5 was finally released in the market on March 8 of this month. With the launch of most awaited game Devil May Cry 5, spoilers about it have already started spreading like unstoppable fire in the forest. Every second user has something to tell about games. You can understand from this how much crazy people are for this game. Recently it has been noticed that the Devil May Cry 5 has a secret ending, a lot of gamers are not aware of it.

Many gamers have already noticed that it was quite difficult to beat the Urizen in game. Urizen is strongest and powerful, it requires skills and special sets to beat him at face-offs. It is next to impossible to win fights at the very first attempt.

In prologue fight, when you play as Nero’s Character in game, at that instant Nero doesn’t even have a Devil Trigger and Devil Arm yet. It may appear like that all the odds are not in your favor, and you are about to lose the battle. So here is good news you still have a chance to win the game against all odds.

Here we are revealing the trick to beat Urizen in a battle and unlock the Secret Ending. One of the videos leaked YouTube user Noctober almost explained the trick. The video came in attention after when people started thinking that it is impossible to beat the Urizen.

All you have to do to win the battle is strip off Urizen’s shield. The only condition is not to use your devil trigger. Perhaps shield is the thing which is protecting Urizen from any damage; you have to make sure in a game that you rip off his shield. After doing that fit yourself in your devil suit and then start moving towards villain and the village in which they are hiding as soon as possible.

However, this secret is bizarre for some of the people, unlike other Secret Endings this ending is not of the same caliber. Before the release of this video, most of the people even don’t know about it.

Anyways, this gives you a chance to beat Urizen as almost your favorite character like Dante and others were failed to beat him. In the video, it has been shown that Nero alone was fighting Urizen on its own. The battle shown in video between Urizen and Nero is breathtaking and it seems like Nero was fighting like a real warrior who is on the verge of Do or dies.

So those who are stuck with Urizen and finding a way to somehow beat it and win the battle, finally you are at the right place. Enjoy the game.

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