5 Pro Tips To Get SSS Rank In Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5 is finally here to quench your thirst for the action and most adventurous video game. It is available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. As you may know, DMC 5 is not just about surviving the game and dealing with the damage, but it is all about how stylishly you accomplish a mission. And all that earns you ranks at the end of the battle.

The ranking starts from lower and goes upto SSS stylish rank as follows:

Dismal < Crazy < Badass < Apocalyptic < Savage! < Sick skills!! < Smokin’ Sexy Skills!!
Savage, Sick skills and Smokin’ Sexy Skills are known as the S, SS and SSS and are the highest ranks.

However, maintaining the rank will require some efforts. You have to be stylish in order to increase your ranking and get the highest S ranks. NOTE: Your ranking will decrease when you play in dull manner, repeating the moves and not doing extraordinary moves. As a punishment for staying inactive, your rank will be depleted. You can find your rank in the “Stylish Rank Guage”.

So, if you are a beginner struggling with the decrease in rank, keep reading to find out the useful tips to maintain higher ranks. Let’s start!!

1. Practice!! Practice!! Practice!!

Practice is the key folks! In order to achieve better ranks, you must practice a lot to build a grip on the game.

For this purpose, visit the VOID very often to train yourself. Practice your moves and weapons, combat with the most powerful monsters. The Devil May Cry 5 also allows you to replay the previous game. It is also very helpful to train yourself for getting great ranks.

2. Use Red Orbs For Rightful Purchase:

Don’t waste your red orbs for purchasing unnecessary stuff. Instead use them wisely to purchase right skills and weapons. You can buy Stinger and Streak for getting more stylish.

Purchasing Combo B and C moves are also a good idea.

3. Know Your Powers And Use Them To Prevent Decrease In Your Ranking:

It is true that you can’t repeat the same moves, but there a few moves you can use repeatedly. That’s why, know your powers and use them smartly in order to prevent your rank from decreasing.

One such power is Dante’s Dr. Faust Gun. Though it will not help you to achieve higher ranks but will keep your rank from decreasing. During a combat, just hold the ‘Fire’ button.

Similarly, V and Nero too have such powers. While V has his Devil Trigger during a combat, Nero can use his Devil Bringer move to keep the rank from decreasing.

You can also ‘Taunt’ during a combat to increase your rank.

4. Know About Your Opponents:

Knowing your opponents is the cleverest thing you can do. It helps you increase the chances to defeat them. You will learn to use your moves according to their movements.

With Dante and his Trickster and Royalguard style, you can block attacks or dodge them respectively. Similarly, in case of Nero, use his Table Hopper move. With V, you can use the Shadow to dodge horizontally and Griffon to fly backward.

5. Avoid Creating Stragglers:

Avoid the stragglers as much as you can otherwise it will cause decrease in your rank. The best idea to avoid this situation is to be using the moves like Streak and Stinger very… very carefully. Use them only when you need them most.

While, Dante has another move called ‘Drive’, that let him send shockwaves with his sword And Nero can use his move ‘Wire Snatch’ to grapple enemies.

Moreover, there are many hidden weapons like Lady’s Kalina Ann Rocket Launcher and blue orbs that will also help you to keep your ranking high. Always, keep in mind that the more you practice the better you will get. Keep using power move in order to achieve the SSS ranks.

We hope that these tips help you barrel your way through to an S rank. Let us know some of your personal tips that helped you be so stylish!

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