Dead or Alive 6 PC Save Game Download [100%]

So, the sixth installment of Dead or Alive series has already marked its existence in the gaming world on March 1st. The good thing about Dead or Alive 6 is that, the game is absolutely suitable for the beginners who don’t have in-depth knowledge and experience of the previous parts of the series.

For new comers, Dead or Alive is an iconic 3D fighting video game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo. It is available for all Windows Platforms, PlayStation4 and Xbox one.

Various new features have been introduced in this season including visible damage while fighting, slow-motion, costume customization mode for the first time ever in the Dead or Alive series. Along with 27 playable characters, there are a few new characters in DoA6. One is named Diego, who is a Mexican-American street fighter from New York. He is the first ever mexican character in the  Dead Or Alive series. Another new female character is NiCO, who is a M.I.S.T scientist and a martial artist hailing from Finland.

Now, you can download this 100% completed Save Game for your Dead or Alive 6 PC version in just one click. Make sure to extract the files at the proper save location given below to make it work. The save offers you 100% DoA Quest, all Costumes, Music, Hairstyles and Glasses unlocked. And much more.

Get it now and enjoy the game without having to worry about losing the game progress. Extract the downloaded files at the following directory: Documents\koeiTechmo\DEADORALIVE6\

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