Top 5 Third Party Controllers for Xbox One in 2024

Xbox One is highly in demand with people of all ages, especially since Windows 10 came into existence. It is a stress buster. Those who are aware of Xbox One, also know about the controllers. Microsoft is the one who make controllers for their consoles. And that is a bit expensive, just like the PS4 DualShock 4.

But here is good news. We have plenty of third-party controllers available too at cheaper prices. Here we are going to list five of those best third-party controllers which you can use with your Xbox console.

If you are wondering if the third-party controllers need some extra attention and care, then you are totally wrong. It is much similar to regular ones. There is no major difference. The third-party controllers which we are discussing here are mentioned below

1. Amazonbasics Xbox One Wired Controller – $ 24.99

AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller

This is the most common and most preferred controller. As the name state, this controller is wired and you can easily find it on the most successful e-commerce website Amazon. As the controller is wired the cable of the controller is 10 foot long. However, the price of the controller is affordable and it is preferred for kids in the house. If you are looking for something in range and easy to use this controller is best to pick.

2. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller – $ 19.99

PowerA Enhanced

If you have used Microsoft controller earlier then it will be difficult for you to point the difference. This controller which we are discussing here is quite the same as the one discussed earlier. The only difference here is the price as compared to Microsoft controller the price of PowerA Enhanced is quite less which draws most of the user attention towards it. The controller is available in a wide variety of colors. Other than this it is wired so you don’t have to worry about charging the batteries. However this is considered as a flaw of this controller but in this price range, it is quite a deal for all the users.

3. Horipad Fighting Commander – $ 39.99

Horipad Fighting Commander

This is one of the licensed and best controllers available in the market with unique design and button. The controller is packed with all latest buttons. The only thing you miss in this controller is the absence of analog sticks. The controller is designed keeping in mind the fighting sequence. However, the absence of analog sticks limits its option. Still it is the best controller in this price range. Those who are looking for a controller for fighting stuff should try their hands on it.

4. SCUF Infinity1

SCUF Infinity1

This is the controller packed with all features and has analog sticks too. This controller is preferred by all the gamers because of their design and features. This is one of the best controllers in the third party

5. Razer Wolverine Ultimate – $148

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Players will find this controller interesting because it offers additional programmable buttons. Other than this it also has two shoulder buttons as well as triggered buttons. The controller also has thumbsticks. No doubt why it is preferred and recommended. The controller does all the justice with its price range by providing us the features we deserve.

Above are the third party controllers which you should try if you haven’t it yet.

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