Mortal Kombat 11: Shao Kahn Fatalities And Tips

MK 11 Shao Kahn Fatality

If you are the one who is well aware of Mortal Kombat Series, then you must know Shao Kahn. He is the most dangerous, dirty and popular character of Mortal Kombat and he is making his return in Mortal Kombat 11.Before jumping on Shao Kahn Fatalities tips, let’s introduce all of you with the Character.

About Shao Kahn:

He is the most powerful character of MK11 and also considered as God of Thunder. The character has an Asian touch and is also called a roster of Mortal kombat.The Usp of Shao Kahn is he is both a strong warrior and kind-hearted too. He spared the life of his enemy out of the kindness one or two times in a game but when he fights he fights like a warrior, applying every single move on the enemy leaving them with no choice other than surrender.

The most interesting part about Shao Kahn is its intelligence and the greatest weakness is overconfidence and taking enemies so lightly. Talking about his appearance, he is the only character of MK11 who doesn’t go with any major changes throughout the game in terms of appearance. However, it is quite easy to recognize this character because of his height. He is taller than all characters.

Fatalities of Shao Kahn:

Back Blown Out:

This you can only apply to the opponent when you’re close enough to them. It involves a hammer. As with the attack of the hammer, it causes major damage to the enemy, breaking multiple ribs. This fatality is so brutal that the second major attack on the skull of the opponent literally causing a bloody mess. Surviving this Fatality is out of option. If the opponent gets hit by this, chances of winning the battles are high. You can easily use this by applying this combination of keys: Back, Forward, Down and Back Punch.

Kahn Sequences:

These fatalities make the best use of Shao Kahn weapons. With the use of his weapon he cuts down his opponent and later stabbing them in the core. This fatality gives a slow and painful death. Basically, it cuts the enemy in two half. You can apply this fatality by using Back, Forward, Back, Front Punch.

 The above two are the Fatalities for Shao Kahn in MK11. If you haven’t played it yet, go for it. It’s worth time.

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