Mortal Kombat 11: Guide and Tips For Beginners

Mortal Kombat Guide

NetherRealm’s most awaited game Mortal Kombat 11 is finally available in the stores now and is trending among gamers. Unlike the earlier version of the series, this installment brings a lot of new stuff with it. The new debut of new characters and some moves such as Fatal Blows in MK 11 are most talked about and drawing lot of attention.

If you are new to the game and you haven’t played any of the earlier Mortal Kombat episodes, then here we are providing the basic guide which will help you in playing Mortal Kombat 11. The guide will include all the necessary details which one must know to master the game.

Basic Fights:

As the game is totally dependable on Fighting sequence or you can say full of back to back combats, so it is just to make yourself well prepared before jumping in the ring. The basic things about MK11 combat which you should know are as follows:

  • The most loved thing about the combat, you can decide your special moves according to the character you prefer
  • There are so many moves according to the character which is sometimes very hard to remember so you can pin it in your move list and can use it any time.
  • You can use combo moves in a fight which will cause extra damage
  • Blocking moves are available too to save yourself from attack
  • Blocking features are further categorized into two modes: high and low.
  • Counterattack availability is mostly preferable in Combats.

New Moves to cause more damage:

Some new moves are introduced in Mortal Kombat 11 which will cause more damage and taking the game to a whole new level. Some of the moves are most brutal and chances of severe damage are quite high with its use. The moves we are talking about are as follows:

Amplified Attacks:

An offensive meter is provided in game to observe the attacks. With the use of amplified attacks, you can maintain the certainty of damage. You can use this feature by pressing RB or R1.

Air attacks:

As the name suggested this attack happens in air and with the use of jump sequence and kicks. It directly affects the opponent health bar.You can use circling, flying backward, jumping and kicking and also use variations. Anti-air attacks are also available in game which gives your opponent a power.

Environmental Attacks:

In this, you will observe weapons in your surrounding which you can use it to fight. Weapons like a sword, chainsaw and other objects which are dangerous can be open for use. These weapons are for only one-time use. To use this you have to press RB or R1.

Fatal Blows:

This is the most brutal and can cause severe damage type of attack. It can be used once in a game and only in a critical time when the health of your opponent drops below 30%. With this attack on your side, you can drop opponent’s health in a single go if it is successful.

Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities:

This is the favorite thing of every Mortal Kombat player. Each and every character of MK11 is tied to fatality; fatality is a strong suit of game. It provides immense power to the character. You need to activate it at the right moment. It is included in the move list; one can easily use them from there.

Customize your Gear:

This allows you to create or customize your character. Talking about the variety you put in your Character can’t be major, you are allowed to change skin tone and basic moves according to your game. The customization which you will prefer is to make your character powerful and bring best out of the game so it is suggested to use it wisely and take the required time while deciding it.

 Know about your Gear:

Basically, the characters in MK11 use three Gear alongside. If you are wondering what Gear is, it is basically a weapon which character carries on his side for fighting purpose. The three gear which we are talking about earlier includes headpiece and two weapons. The two weapons can be anything according to your character. The interesting part about the Gear features it with the upgrade in the level you have a chance to upgrade your gear features too. Unlocking of new levels allows more new weapons.

Other than this in Customization mode, you have an option to choose a gear of your choice. If you prefer any particular gear then you will know how to get it in Customization mode. With your level progress, you will open more opportunities. You will find so many usable items in Krypt mode.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Most of the users make major mistakes by not following the procedure. So it is well suggested before jumping or dragging yourself in the fight, to follow the basic tutorial of the game. Below we are going to discuss the modes which one should try to improvise moves and to be well aware of the game.

Tutorial:- The very first thing you have to do as soon as you start the game is to read every tutorial and follow. The tutorial will help you in getting to know the character and what’s their specialty and questions like which move you should prefer in games. However we knew it would be tough to grab all information at once but it will make you. Feel confident about the game. Basically Tutorial will walk you throughout the game.

Practice:- As said “Practice makes man Perfect”, it is true in every scenario. With the practice of moves you learn, chances of acing it will be quite high. It will make you master of game. For the convenience of the game they opened the practice mode in the game to practice each and every move. So the suggestion would be to use it while you have it.

Story Mode:- This has a long duration of 5 hours but it will. Help you to learn which character you should prefer or what weapons or move one should follow against opponents. In short, it is quite helpful for the game.

So this is the basic guide of the game. Mk11 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo switch. Don’t miss the opportunity of playing it. Try it out let us know what you feel about the game.

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