10 Best and Important Tips for Mortal Kombat 11

10 Tips for Mortal Kombat 11

NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11 hit the market earlier this week and is already trending among all the players. Like its predecessor, this installment too is quite moving and brings a lot of adventures & thrill with it. This time they have introduce few move brutal combat moves such as the Fatal Blows, the introduction of some new characters and more that makes the game more exciting.

Those who are totally unaware of the game or one who needs little guidance before playing Mortal Kombat 11, you are at the correct place. Here we are compiling some very important tips for MK11 that will not only help you understand the game but you can master it too.

Basically, the game has more layers within it, so it would be best if you take a prior tour of the game which will definitely help you.


This is one of most important section that players take for granted. Tutorials are very helpful in games such as Mortal Kombat coz they provide every details, attack combinations, etc and make your character prepare for game. It will be wise of you before jumping into battle complete all the basic and advance tutorials. It is always better to practice what you preach.

Krushing Blows:

Krushing Blows is something which causes extra severe damage to the opponent. The MK11 is all packed with a set of different moves of Krushing balls. With this on your side, you take a fight into the whole new extra level. You can only use it once in a fight so it is recommended to use it wisely. Use it precisely in a critical situation when you are certain that it won’t go waste.

Furthermore, Krushing Balls involve a lot of moves which sometimes is quite difficult to remember. The characters involved in MK11 have their own certain moves, so if you involve each and every move, there are so many to carry forward. Keeping all this in mind NetherRealm Studios made it easy by providing the move list.

Classic Characters:

Mortal Kombat series is full of classic characters such as Scorpion, Sub zero and Shao kahn (pre-order character only).It is suggested or observed to begin game with these characters. These characters are considered as game changers and carry bunch of different and powerful moves with them. So it is always best to make best use of them.

Special Attacks:

In Mk11 whenever you apply combos you have the power to end it with certain special moves. This is a new feature they are offering to all gamers. Special features involve teleporters, clones, projectiles and much more. Wait for the right time to apply these special moves.

All new Story Mode:

This is going to provide you major help in the game as it explains all the Character, plot and twist in the game through story mode. However it takes time duration of 5 hours to complete which can be hectic in a single go but once you have completed it, you have learned something worth for game.

Interactive Objects:

Mortal Kombat 11 comes with improved weapons. You will notice a wide variety to blown on someone’s face. Sometimes using these weapons can cause counter damage so as a preventive measure they introduce a feature to amplify interactive objects. One more important thing, it also provides bonus stamina to gamers.

Don’t Dwell:

It means if you pick a fighter, then stay with it. Don’t unnecessary change it. Because it took a lot of efforts to learn about the specialty of a character. It is better if you pick the characters then learn all his power and vulnerabilities too.

Keep your eyes wide open in Krypt:

Krypt is basically considered as the gift box from where you can pick up so many things that might be usable for future purpose. Once you open the krypt, it is suggested to make best of it and pick as many things possible.

Use money wisely:

At some point in game, it starts asking for the premium service in which you have to spend money on characters. So our suggestion is don’t spend money on character which you can unlock for free. Don’t spend money on Frost, save it for characters like Shao Kahn.

These are some of the handy tips which will surely help you out in games.  Mk11 is available on PS4, Nintendo and Xbox one. Go and check it out, its worth.

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