How to Collect Feltrite in Rage 2: Locations and Tips

Rage 2 Feltrite Locations

Rage 2 is rocking all the gaming consoles. Mainly because of its open world shooting madness. We have already posted several tips and guides about Rage 2 but one thing which is coming more in most of the Rage 2 gamers is Feltrite. Those who were wondering about feltrite let us clear the air about it. Feltrite is one of the crucial elements you will need in this game. With crucial element, we meant this feltrite crystal or stone carry most of the miscellaneous items which are necessary to master the Rage 2 madness. It can be found anywhere in the game. The best possible way to grab it is to keep your eyes wide open.

The very first thing you should do is to learn how to farm feltrite in Rage 2. It is very necessary. There is no particular location for finding feltrite, you can find it anywhere, so the best possible bet is to keep your sense awake and grab whenever you see it. Let’s discuss the place where you should look upon in the game:

  • Check out every new location, the reason for prior is you will find more feltrite in such locations.
  • The abandoned area in game are so underrated and the best possible treasure of feltrite. Explore it as much as you can.
  • Bandit hidey holes are another place where you can seek feltrite

This is the place you can look upon. Other than this, the wise decision for feltrite is shooting the target or things come in your way so that it can also give feltrite as a bonus. You may see a cluster of stuff in games hanging on walls in most of the areas of games. Collecting them is also a perk as it will give you 24 feltrites piece.

You will also find feltrite in brown feltrite crates; however, you need to do some hard work before revealing it. The hard work which we are talking about is hit the blue glowing material which is called as goods, inside them, you will find the feltrites. Hitting the enemy or killing them also generates feltrite.

The major thing about the game is meteorite shower happens in the game every once in a while. So it can happen anywhere in a game and a major chance to collect feltrite in a couple of minutes. Make sure to pay attention to your enemies. Generally while collecting feltrites people seem to forget about the enemies which will cause loss of life. So keep your sense wide awake and jump as possible as you can.

These were some important tips to collect filtrate in Rage 2. The game was launched earlier this week and is already popular among users. We recommend you to try the game if you haven’t tried it yet.

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