Heavy Rain PC Save Game Download

Heavy Rain Save Game

If you are an action-adventure lover, then here is the perfect game for you. We are talking about the recently released video game Heavy Rain. It is perfect interactive drama and action-adventure based game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The game was originally released by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 back in the year 2010 and yesterday exactly after 9 years on 24 June 2019, it is released for Microsoft Windows.

About the gameplay, the player can control four protagonists, each with a different storyline. The game is to be played from a third person perspective. The game is parted into separate scenes featuring each of the playable character. The death of each character solely depends on the player’s action and capabilities.

The storyline revolves around four playable characters and the mysterious Origami Killer, who is a serial killer and uses extended rainfall periods to drown and kill his targets. Since, the main characters of the game can be killed depending on the actions of the players, the game leads to different scenes and endings. Heavy Rains can be played at different difficulty levels which can be changed by the player anytime. Moreover, game also allows to replay the scenes.

Now coming to the saves for Heavy Rain, you can download the 100% completed PC Save Game file for Heavy Rain from below, in just a single click. It is a hefty game because of the fact that is four different characters a player needs to control. And for the same reason, saving the progress becomes much more important, as losing the game progress is a real bummer.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide the manual save feature. That means you have to depend on the auto-save feature all the time. You can detect the auto-save when there is loading screen and at the bottom right-corner, you will see an origami icon which means that the progress has been saved.

Heavy Rain Troubleshooting Guide[wpdm_package id=’30040′]

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