GTA Online Tips: How to Earn Fast Money in Solo or Squad

GTA Online Money Tips

Are you looking for some quick ways to collect more money in GTA online? If yes, you are at the right place. We got you all covered.

Money plays equally important role in the gaming as it plays in our real life. Some handful of cash really makes a big difference in the video games. Although, you can use GTA Online Shark card to increase your cash instantly but it cost real money. Moreover, spending money for earning gaming cash makes no sense as you have already spent money in purchasing the game itself. Infact, earning by playing the game is so much fun. Good thing is, there are many ways by which you can earn the GTA dollars. Among a number of ways to earn money, while some are efficient and allows you to earn more in less time, but vice-versa is also true. Therefore, you need to be very mindful while making right choices.

Here we are providing the best ways to earn quick cash with keeping in mind the above points. We are listing the ways along with the net profit they can provide in an hour so that you can opt for the ways that are more efficient to you.

Try Out Heists (Net Profit Per Hour: $400k)

Standard heists are the best and straightforward way to make money in GTA. The only requirement is that, you should have the enough skills to complete the missions efficiently. Just try to focus on the mission without getting distracted with other things and there will be boost in your cash. One of the good heist options is the newer Doomsday if you’re a group or 2-3 friends, but it requires some initial investment because you will require buying a lot of stuff to start the mission.

After completing the missions efficiently, you will make a lot of money, which is why heists are a very good option. You can take help of various online guides that are available and also play with mates who have the same target i.e. to earn money.

Special & Vehicle Cargo (Net Profit Per Hour: $300k )

After the heist, this method is most profitable in terms of earning. It can help you toearn around dollar 300k per hour, which is a huge amount. Also, this is the best option if you’re playing solo. Both of these methods require the player to have an office building and a warehouse for vehicles. If you focus on these methods, then sooner there will be increase in your bank balance.

In case of vehicle cargo, focus on filling your warehouse with all the unique standard and mid range cars without having any duplicates. After that, your each source mission will result you in a top range vehicle. You only need to continue exporting the top range vehicle and simply source other when the timer allows.

Engage In VIP Work (Net Profit Per Hour: $150k)

Another way to increase your bank balance is to maximize your playing time by engaging in VIP work.

VIP Work offers various missions that can provide a lot of money when you complete them efficiently. After starting an organisation as a VIP or CEO, simply select “VIP Work” from the menu and choose from various free roam missions. You can engage in these missions as side jobs i.e. between the slots of your vehicle export business. Some of the best missions are Headhunter, Hostile Takeover and Sightseer.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that, doesn’t focus on this method solely, instead use it between your other jobs to get more profits.

Gunrunning And Motorcycle Club (Net Profits Per Hour: $80k)

Just like the above mentioned business, these methods are also works as a side business along with the main job to earn more money. These jobs will help you earn additional profits while you’re working on some other business. You can buy a Bunker for Gunrunning or a Motorcycle club along with drugs business to increase your profit.

You only need to arrange supplies for your business by purchasing or even stealing and these supplies will be converted into products which you can sell at a huge profit. It is the best way when you’re playing solo. Also, keep in mind that, don’t have the supplies left in your stock for a long time, this will increase the number of supplies and you’ll need a lot of people for selling it.

Time Trials (Net Profits Per Hour: $50k )

If you’re good at managing your time then you can try out the free-roam races before the timer clicks. These serve the same purpose as the other side jobs. Each week you can get $50k for a few minutes of driving. However, this can be a little tricky business, you can take help of various online guides that are available.

Air Freight Cargo And Nightclubs (Net Profits Per Hour: Less than $50k)

Air Freight Cargo and nightclubs are same as Special Cargo and Gunrunning but with less profits. You should try thesemethods only when you have no other business to do. The reason for this is that, these will help to make very less money and hence, should be carried out when there is nothing to do. Always, keep in mind, if you have other profitable business to make money, don’t go for this one. Invest your time in this job in your free slot.

Other Jobs

Apart from the ways mentioned here, there are many more which can help you earn some amount. These include contact jobs, races, etc. However, these are not much profitable than the ones listed here.

Moreover, there are also some ways that can help you earn a huge amount of $500k per hour but with a little hard work. For ex : Heist groups with  a Gunrunning Bunker running while they work through the Pacific Standard, but these requires very higher skills and capabilities. So, you may need to have an expertise to engage in such businesses.

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