6 Ways on How to be Stronger in Pokemon Go 2024

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play game that can be acquired on both iOS and Android platforms, which is centered on Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. The game is fun and simple as you need to walk around and explore new places to encounter and capture different kinds of Pokemon. pokemongoaccshop.com is the site where you can get more information on how you can progress faster in the game. If you are traveling in Tokyo Japan, you can check this site, to know Pokemon Go location

In recent years, technology has taken over the life of humanity that it got to the point that we grew dependent on it as if we can’t live without it anymore. However, the game somehow changed that because Pokemon Go requires its players to go outside and explore. Moreover, the main goal is to get stronger and be the best, and here are ways on how to be stronger.

Building Up Your Player Experience

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The game has a fair system that the Pokemon you get, and the maximum level it would go to depends on the player level; therefore, low-level players won’t be able to acquire maximum level Pokemons. So the only way to get stronger is to explore the world and encounter more Pokemon and visit more Pokestops to gain more player experience to level up.

Exploring the world not only builds up player experience, but it also gains personal experience as you would have to travel to various locations. However, it didn’t take long until lazy people found a way to gain experience without leaving their homes as they created Pokemon Go cheats for their advantage, like location spoofing. To check on the latest cheat, you could visit robot.net, which keeps an up to date list with all the exploits.

Using Your Incubators Wisely

As you go along with the game and you visit Pokestops from time to time, there’s a chance that you would be given a Pokemon egg with a mysterious Pokemon inside waiting to be hatched. However, to hatch the egg, you would need to travel a specific distance, not to mention that you can only use one incubator per egg, and you’re only limited to one.

Battle Pokemon Gyms

In all of the Pokemon game that has ever made, the real glory of it all relies on battling Pokemon Gyms and winning. In Pokemon Go, it was not long ago that they started putting Pokemon Gyms in known landmarks that allow players to travel there and battle whoever is residing in that Gym. Your pride will be displayed as the presiding the gym leader if you win.

Pokemon Types And Its Advantages

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If you want to get stronger in Pokemon Go, you can’t just mindlessly battle other players and Pokemon Gyms with just random Pokemons. There are different kinds of Pokemon with their corresponding ability and type, such as ground, electric, flying, grass, and water. You would need to learn which type inflicts larger damage to another type to gain an advantage in battle.

There’s a wide range of Pokemon types, and also there are others that have a combination of two types than one. However, the advantages and disadvantages of Pokemon types are scientifically accurate such as fire is weak against water, the grass is weak against fire, water is weak against electric, and dark is weak against light type Pokemons.

Manage Your Bag While Building An Army

There is no need to carry all of the types of Pokemon that you would encounter because that’s what the Pokedex does. It’s better only to keep the Pokemon you would want and train and evolve them to be used as your army to battle gym leaders and other trainers. Only keep the Pokemon that has a terrific evolution and the others that require a special item to evolve.

The Pokemon’s Appraisal and Combat Power

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Similar to all of the Pokemon games, all of the creatures have their own corresponding standard combat modifiers such as the advantages and weaknesses of all types. However, Pokemon Go has a secret combat modifier in every creature in the game along with its hidden values, and that modifier is found in the Pokemon’s appraisal value and combat power.

To get an appraisal of a specific Pokemon, you would go to your Pokemon’s information, and on the bottom right corner, there is a menu that you would open and select the appraisal viewing. The appraisal feature will show you information about the Pokemon’s basic stats such as its attack, defense, and its total health points.

Having a Pokemon that has a higher combat power means that it has a really powerful basic statistics along with high damage-per-second potential, which results in you winning more battles. Therefore, you must catch many Pokemon while tracking their combat power to know which one to level-up and battle other trainers in the future.


With more and more regions that had become available for players to explore, it would be rather difficult to track the Pokemon that can evolve, which is why you have to mark it as your favorite to find it easily in your bag. Moreover, the game is still evolving and adapting to the world, thus giving more reasons to keep playing and trying to become the best there is.

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