Emily Willis Net Worth 2024, Career, Personal Life

Emily Willis is a famous actress of adult movies, and at the same time, she is a model. Not everyone dares to talk openly about the career in the adult movies industry, but the actress is open about her job. She is often sharing her aspects about the sexuality on social media, and also on some forums. The actress started an adult film career when she was only eighteen years old.

Keep reading our article, and you will find out a lot of new information about the young adult movie star.

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Early Life

Emily Willis spent her childhood in Argentina, where she was also born. She was born in December 1988. When she was seven years old, she moved to Utah, the United States. From that moment, the family lived in St George, which is near Los Angeles.  As Willis mentioned, her mother married an American guy who is Mormon.

The attractive actress finished high school. According to her words, she was a reserved girl during schooling. However, in the senior year, she started to go to parties and date older guys, so that’s how everything began.


Professional Career

Willis’s first job was as a door-to-door salesman. During that time, she met a man on Tinder. It turns out that he had a website with adult movies. He offered her to film movies, and she accepted the proposal. However, the young lady was uncomfortable with the whole idea, but after two scenes, she relaxed. As she said in one of the interviews, she knew that was the career she wants to pursue.

Until now, Willis starred in more than 300 adult movies. During her career, she also gained a lot of awards. In 2019, the beautiful lady got a nomination for Best New Actress in the AVN and XBIZ Awards. This year also was a success as she received a couple of nominations for other awards.

A lot of studios wanted to work with her, including Hustler.

Currently, the attractive lady has almost one million followers on Instagram, which is a great success.

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Personal Life

There is no available information about her dating life. However, there are some available details about her life.

In her free time, Emily likes to hike and fish. Also, she enjoys ballet classes and chatting with fans on Twitter.

Source: Instagram

Emily Willis Net Worth 2024

Thanks to a lot of films that she starred in, the actress earned a lot of money. Also, she was nominated for a couple of awards.

As of 2024, Emily Willis has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Because she is still part of the movie industry, her incomes will get higher by the time.

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