Why is Online Gaming So Popular Among Millennials

With the advancement of technology, games have moved from video games, through PlayStations to online gaming, which is becoming increasingly popular. What makes millennials spend so much time playing them is the fact that they can have great fun with friends from the comfort of their armchair. The constant use of mobile phones has become a significant part of everyday life – from the moment when it became possible to play various games through these devices, everything became even easier and more accessible.

That way, the interest of members of these generations for this type of entertainment is gradually growing. Any special skills or too much effort? Sometimes required, sometimes not – but everyone enjoys it. On the other hand, it brings incentives. Tournament competitions, winning prizes – and bam! –  there goes a nice salary on their bank account.

So.. ready to know how it became one of the most highlighted activities today and a primary source of entertainment for many millennials today? Well, keep reading and find out why. We bring you some of the most common ones, and you’ll probably find yourself in some of them, too!

Source: The Statesman

The way of socializing

One of the good sides and reasons why online gaming is becoming increasingly well liked is because it provides the opportunity to socialize in some kind of way. Some would say that it’s definitely a waste of time and that they would rather hang out and chat in person, but not everyone shares that opinion.

In moments when we’re tired and don’t have the strength to go out, this is a great way to have fun with friends. With good technical equipment, which includes good headphones, you get the impression that everyone’s in the same room! A great example is a Covid-19 pandemic, because of which we were all forced to stay at our homes – and in this way, game fans still remained connected to their friends.

Physical distance is not mandatory for this type of socializing. These activities are often practiced when a group of friends gather in one place and play several games with a few cans of good beer and chips.

Meeting new people from different parts of the world

Once the game starts and your computer connects to your teammate’s network, a great opportunity for a new acquaintance opens up. An online game can connect you with players from all over the world.

For many of them, this is one of the motives to spend their free time in this way. They often accept you with enthusiasm and simply can’t wait to make some serious knock-downs in the opposing team.

Also, it’s an opportunity to stay open-minded and accept people of different nationalities or religions. Maybe this way you could gain a dear friend whom you’ll be able to visit sometime in the future and make a true friendship. Take this as a nice side but don’t forget to be careful and protect yourself from cybercrime, as it’s not a rare circumstance nowadays.

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Competitive spirit

While taking part in the tournament alone, you try to do it in the best possible way. But as each repetition of the tournament is very similar, you have already learned what awaits you in which place, and it slowly ceases to be interesting.

It’s just like when you do sports. Opponents in the opposite team motivate you to be better and more successful – break records and boundaries and reach new levels. They encourage your competitive spirit and help you believe that you can do more and better. In contrast, when you play alone, the whole story gets you bored quite quickly.

A professional endeavour for the most successful ones

The practice has shown that gaming can bring financial benefits to the most persistent and prosperous ones. In addition to spending a lot of time playing, millennials also like to watch those who do it even better, and, in addition to having fun, it also allows them to learn some tricks. All that brings benefits in the form of money.

There are a lot of YouTubers like this today – gamers that share their tips and playthroughs with all other gamers around the globe. At first glance, the question is – is it really possible that there are so many people following such content? Strange as it may seem, it’s true.

Young online streamers who have this kind of talent make a lot of money thanks to a large number of views and after some time it turns into their primary job. Of course, not everyone manages to reach that stage –  but some lucky ones certainly do.

Source: CNBC.com

It decreases stress

After an exhausting and stressful day and bitter feelings caused by overwhelming daily activities, there’s always a need to relax. Everyone chooses the best way to relieve their thoughts and cool their head – so logically, many of them often choose to participate in online games.

There goes another adequate stress relief – this kind of entertainment provides us with an optimal dose of laughter and good mood, which is certainly great. Blood pressure and dissatisfaction caused by depression have been proven to be prevented by gaming. Reaching difficult levels, successfully played games, breaking records and personal contribution in team victories make participants happier and more satisfied.

Many of them improve your skills by playing with pros with the help of this website, for example, and become competitive on the gaming platform – and this raises adrenaline levels.

So, after a hard day when you come home, make dinner, and have a glass of your favorite drink, you’re always free to sit in the most comfortable chair of yours and start your own relaxing odyssey on the screen.

An educational side

Games are no longer just a means of killing time, although it often seems like that. In addition to fun and socializing, they also leave space for learning and improvement. Gamers know best that their time at the computer isn’t just about shooting, carrying guns and killing enemies. The satisfaction that arises as a product of this wouldn’t be possible without a previously thought-out strategy.

Designing a team strategy isn’t that simple. It’ll often require mathematical calculation, a large dose of logical thinking and combinatorics – like in a real war! In that way, constant brain work is achieved and abilities are constantly developed and improved.

Source: Entrepreneur

So if your partner or your child spends too much time playing, don’t judge them right away. Before you start dramatizing, shouting and getting angry, remember that it can bring them a lot of benefits. Moms, dads, wives, and husbands of gaming millennials, don’t get fooled by thinking that it’s always a waste of time – and don’t take it so tragically. Even better – take the joystick or a keyboard and jump in!

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