Your Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Pokemon in Pokemon Go Game!

The first question that might pop up in your mind is that among the different types of Pokemon in the Pokemon Go, which one is the best? The answer lies in the ways these Pokemon types are used. There are more than 100 types of Pokemon available in the game, and they all have different working for different scenarios they are put into.

This ultimate guide will let you unravel the best character after knowing the features of different Go types plus tips and hacks on using these best character types. In addition to that, we will be discussing Pokemon Go Spoofing, which is the easiest way to make the game simple to play.

We know you must be eager to get the best type in the game, but how? It is the reason we have designed this article to let you know the different types of Go characters and how you can get the top one. Let’s check it out!

The Characteristic Features Related to Pokemon Go Types

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This game will allow you to enjoy and explore a completely new world with different Pokemon by having your iPhone or Android smartphones. Your smartphone gives off a vibration whenever you get a new Pokemon, which is just to alert you about that. To check what else it has got, see the following features.

  • Make Friends suggests to stay always connected with your real-life friends with this game. The game gives you different trainer codes that you can exchange with your friends, and then they will be added to your contact list. So, isn’t it unique and exciting altogether?

  • Exchange Gifts

Other than making friends, this game has a feature of exchanging gifts with your friends, after that, you will be available to play games with them. The Pokestop or Gym has a photo disc, all you need is to spin it and have an opportunity to win exciting gift. You can even send them to your friends, too.

The purpose of these gifts is to make the friendship stronger. These helpful gift items help you to increase the friendship level and to unlock many bonuses for yourself.

  • Customization

Pokemon Go gives you a customization option, which means you can customize your trainer by using from piles of apparel and accessories. Other players can see your customized trainers in the Gym. Your trainers fully rely on your action as to when you are going to interact with them.

The Best Among All of the Pokemon Go Types

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The Pokemon Go types, each one, are designed for different conditions and situations, so these are of distinct traits. The game has battles and fights, so one Pokemon that is best in a situation might not survive another situation. But still, some of them are strong enough to withstand the changing situation.

The following 3 Pokemon are considered as the best types depending upon their Combat power, Defensive Power, and Attacking power. Check them out!

  • Tyranitar

Tyranitar has a figure of a dinosaur and a true beast when it comes to fights and invasions. This Pokemon has the highest number of attacks recorded, so can be considered as the best type for Raids. Tyranitar is the best Pokemon Go type and serves well during the community day with its dynamic dual rock type attack.

Tyranitar also has an ability to crunch that allows it to fight against the Psychic. All the statistical data describes it as the best Pokemon type.

  • Mewtwo

The second one on the list is Mewtwo. It is also a good attacker having powerful features, just like the Tyranitar. It has a power of charged move shadow ball that helps this Pokemon to combat other Psychic-type character. If it’s called as an all-around attacker, it would be a correct term as the data shows Mewtwo having the best of the best features.

  • Dragonite

With the shape of the dragon, this Pokemon type is almost similar in features with Mewtwo. It is also an all-around attacker and shows excellent combat powers, not to mention that statistic reveals this type has high numbers of Combat powers. The dragon moves you put on it will help you to use this type as an alternative attacker in case you are left with no other attacker.

They are just three Pokemon types, but there is a long list of other types, too, which show amazing combat power only when they are put into certain situations. Moreover, there are many high-speed creatures in the Pokemon Go, working excellently against several encounters and combats.

The Tricks and Hacks of Getting These Best Pokemon Go Types

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It is not that we have told you the best Pokemon types, and you can go and get them. Rather you need to attain some tricks and hacks to get these best types, otherwise, there is no other easy way to gain them. See below what you can do.

  • Multi Accounting System

As you start getting into the Gym, you need to fill all the slots with your friends, family members, and teammates; this whole system and process are called multi-accounting. When you do so, you inhibit other players from getting into these slots of the Gym.

  • Shaving/Cycling

This one is quite a simple hack that you can acquire easily. What you have got to do is to break off the second’s team Pokemon out of the Gym and use your character in their place. This process, in turn, prevents another team from growing, thus that team will face a major downfall.

  • Botting

Botting allows you to have an army of fake characters with the help of scripts. This way, your botters can travel here and there in the pokescape and get whichever the best Pokemon is available at the moment. This trick is supported by Maps, online ads, and people who prefer buying online accounts.

  • Spoofing

According to, spoofing is a way of faking your GPS location in the game. By this, you can get the best powerful Pokemon types i.e. Tyranitar or Dragonite, and then create a drop on the Gym and bash! You destroy it. This hack enables people to travel around the world in a quick time.

In addition to spoofing, there is another hack called Dr. Fone Virtual Location available for iOS to fake your GPS location. This hack proves to be the best among other hacks for Pokemon Go. If this game is banned in your country, you can use this hack to spoof your location and convert it into a fake one. Dr. Fone Virtual Location works in the following manner:

  • Download the Dr. Fone Virtual Location for iOS, install and then launch the program
  • After that, set a virtual location, and here you go!

Hopefully, you get first-hand knowledge about the Pokemon Go game.

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