Far Cry 4 Mission 2 Propaganda Machine Save Game

Far Cry 4 Mission 2

Earlier we posted a Trainer, a 100% Completed save, and separate 1st mission save file for Far Cry 4. Now, this is the save file for Second Mission, i.e. Propaganda Machine. If you are playing the latest installment of this one of the most popular PC Video game series, and got stuck somewhere in mission 2, dont worry. Simply download our save file from here and replace it with your original files. That’s it. Note, always remember to backup your original saves files before replacing them with any downloaded save files, just in case !!

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5 thoughts on “Far Cry 4 Mission 2 Propaganda Machine Save Game

  1. hello, the link is broken, can you fix it or e-mail savegame mission 2 propaganda machine to me?


  2. We are extremely Sorry guys, for the inconvenience. There is some problem occurred in the backend, hence you are getting the error. Actually the link is not expired. We are working on the same and it will be fixed in next 30 minutes.

    However, i am sending you guys the save file via mail, until the problem is fixed.

    1. Hey, please mail me the SAV format save files of Far cry 4 prologue, mission 2 and the completed game too. Bless you.

  3. Hello, my game gets stuck right at prologue. Very worried, have retried several times now. Even tried replacing with your save files, but my pc treats them as rar. files whereas I require SAV files. It would be very kind of you if you can mail me the SAV format files of prologue, mission two, and 100% complete profile, I’ll try all, whichever works. Regards, Ejaz.

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