Destiny 2 How to Quickly Improve and Level Up

Leveling up in Destiny 2 can be hard, but it’s one of the main concepts of the game. If your character’s level is too low, you won’t really be able to participate in certain events and missions – not to mention that some of them may be made impossible by your Guardian’s limited abilities.

As you get closer to level 20, however, things will start getting a little better, so we thought it would be a good idea to help you get there as quickly as possible. Here are some tricks that you can use to improve your gameplay and level up.

Don’t jump over campaign mode


If you do the campaign mode in a natural way trying to overcome all missions and events in a calm way and not skipping special circumstances, you’ll practically be able to get to the maximum level in Destiny 2 before you finish it.

As soon as you reach the maximum level of 20, you can focus on raising your Power in order to have better weapons and armor, something that you can delegate to the secondary missions. Don’t forget to collect all the materials and equipment you can throughout the campaign game, because it will allow you to give a boost to the improvement of the character.

In campaign mode, you’ll also find milestones. These are the secondary missions themselves that are carried out in certain places and that should be completed before their weekly restart that usually occurs on Tuesdays. The idea is that you organize yourself and your gameplay to overcome all of them on a weekly basis and not to skip any, and it’s better to do them after finishing the campaign since you’ll already be at level 20.

Also, get as many legendary shards you can. It’s the currency of the game and it helps us to trade with sellers and, consequently, improve our equipment and consequent level of the character. You can achieve these in many ways during the game, for example, by finishing the assault bosses, planetary chests, weekly events, the FlashPoints or dismantling legendary and exotic weapons.

Visit the robot


One of the fastest ways to level up your character is to visit Xander 99-40, the little robot in the Tower. It will give you up to fourteen different rewards from which you can choose, seven for Destiny’s own universe and seven for the Crucible.

Since the Guardians can only accept five rewards at the same time, try to start with those that are very easy to complete, such as overcoming six patrol missions on Earth or even completing an Assault without dying. Patrol missions should take you about fifteen minutes, and they get even easier if you have a friend next to you. Any type of difficulty will work for the Assault, so complete them in one of the easiest levels to finish soon.

Crucible rewards also offer a considerable amount of experience, and you usually don’t need to win the game to complete them. It can range from playing five rounds to a specific mode to killing other Guardians with a specific weapon.

You only need to choose options that are similar to your playing style for greater success. In case you get a reward that you don’t want to consume, place the cursor on the reward you don’t want and discard it. Then you can see the Tower robot again and get something more similar to what you’re looking for.

Start with the Crucible


Starting in the Crucible can be a bit intimidating for a Guardian, but if you’re looking to go full throttle in the first levels of the game, it’s one of the fastest ways to reach level 20. While you’re playing, try game modes that offer some goals that are based on competition, such as Control, where you can earn a huge amount of points by controlling zones. This is a way that most players will identify with Domination of Call of Duty, or Conquest in Battlefield.

You will get points for deaths, of course, but you’ll get even more points if you play the target, and you’ll undoubtedly have your fair amount of opportunities to end with Guardians’ enemies in the process. As an additional bonus, the Crucible is known for rewarding players with some excellent items at the end of a round. A good reason to try? Sure.

Get some friendly help and advice


Our final tip could be considered the most common way to level up in Destiny 3, but also in any other similar game – and it’s also the one that will test your skills as a Guardian. The thing here is to find two of your friends who have a somewhat decent level in this game and go directly to Assault mode increasing the difficulty.

We know what you must be thinking – how am I supposed to do anything in such circumstances? Yes – you may not be able to inflict too much damage due to your lower level. But if your friends have higher levels, they could do the dirty work more quickly and at the end of the round, they could share the experience and some tips and tricks with you.

One more thing that could help you is watching people as they play, especially streamers. And you shouldn’t do it for entertainment only, but to notice their moves, the situations in which they decide to engage and act quickly, when they decide to run and how they maintain a decent level of communication with their teammates. You shouldn’t compare yourself to them – you should try to realise what are the things that make them better than you are. It’s all about tactics and strategies, or in short, recognizing the situation and acting right.

The point is to observe what you’re doing – maybe you could record your own games and review them later – and try to find out what went wrong or to come up with things you could do better.

Use the opportunity to boost!


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Leveling up in Destiny 2 is essential if we want to access new missions, to unlock all kinds of skills or to equip ourselves with more powerful armor and weapons. These tips are an excellent way to level up, but, truth be told, there is no magic trick that doesn’t require at least some hard work – during the game or out of it. The main point is to practice everything you can in order to do your best and achieve your goals.

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